About Muliebris Dance Theatre

Muliebris Dance Theatre, originally conceived by Samantha Bergman, Holly Heidt, and Cristina Gustaitis, was created in the fall of 2015. The company serves as a laboratory for investigating this life and the world around us. Our method calls for dedication and hard play. We employ the entire body in our storytelling, using the combined efforts of movement, voice, gesture, and expression to craft and shape each piece.

A major goal of ours is to make the art of dance and other movement-based arts more accessible to people of all backgrounds. Whether by immersing the audience in the piece by way of gaze and spatial relation, or by bringing the movement to the streets, trains, parks, and other site-specific locations, we strive to remind people of the freedom of expression of the body. We explore both harmony and dissonance, moving together to create new sensory and cognitive experiences for ourselves as well as for the audience.